Some of our most thrilling social campaigns.



We got to discover the beautiful Castel Betlen-Haller and the wonderful story of the Romanian winery Jidvei in a gorgeous setup. We got the chance to stay in the castle, sleep like queens, wear our kimonos in the winery, enjoy amazing food and wine and get to try different activities at the wonderful location.
We were in awe, the landscape there, the people, it was a weekend we won't forget! Thank you Jidvei Romania for the opportunity!

QOLLECTION February 2020


In February 2020, we won the Call for Artists for Qollection February. Together with the team, we came up with loungewear kimonos, for him and for her, with japanese crane motifs. The print fabrics were brought from Japan, and the kimono for her had two variants, on black and on nude/beige. The japanese crane is a beautiful Japanese symbol, as it represents happiness and eternal youth. Launched in the month of love, February, we thought this is the perfect setting for a dreamy collection.


 We fell in love with the way Andreea and Adrian tell stories in online. They are inspiring, bold, daring, and really talented. Adrian has been telling stories for a couple of years now on Instagram, being a brilliant photographer, and Andreea handles her creative side really well, collaborating with well and established brands. They have always been close to Oh Kimono and we love following their journey. 


 Iona Jewelry is a Romanian brand founded by a driven Romanian woman, and it's all about craftsmanship and high quality gold jewelry. Their collections tell the story of the symbols of Romanian and universal culture. The jewellery is made in 14K yellow, white and pink gold in Romanian workshops.



In December 2019, we shot our first promo video, with Glecy Mae Bernardo, at one of the hidden gems near London. It was during the time I was living there and I was preparing at the same time the next collection. It was absolutely freezing but I loved it, it was so exciting having an entire profesionnal photo shoot for the first time! Featured in the video is the Sable kimono, with satin and silk.

Linen in Light SS20

I came up with the idea of Linen in Light after creating all the pieces of the collection. The way that we shot the collection made me think that linen in light is truly even more beautiful. Natural fabrics, glowing in the sun, morning rays of light invading your room while you're sleeping in your loungewear dreamy.