Our Story

Oh Kimono is the first exclusive Romanian kimono brand. It brings a little bit of Asia into your wardrobe. Limited editon kimonos, handmade, with care towards the environment. Made out of waste fabrics or natural fibers, the brand is gearing towards sustainability. The brand came to life from a passion of travelling and for unique prints and patterns. Olivia, the founder of the brand, travelled in Asia for the first time and was impressed by the symbols there. So she decided to bring them onto the streets of Europe as well.

Oh Kimono started with a dream - a dream to travel, a dream to find myself, a dream for something more.

Having always had a passion for fashion and a desire to travel, it seemed impossible yet inevitable that I would start my own clothing brand sourced from a faraway land.

This is my story and the story of how Oh Kimono came to be.

Ever since I was a little girl (and yes, maybe you have heard this cliched phrase before) I loved fashion and adored dressing up. I always imagined that one day I would have my own clothing line. I was in love with textures, patterns, and I wanted to offer designs that every woman can wear and feel special. I said to myself that one day my dream will come true - that is, until one day never came.

The moment I realized the only way it was going to happen is if I made it happen, I bought a one-way ticket to Asia and everything started to make sense. I yearned for escape, opportunity and inspiration and that was exactly what I found in the markets of Vietnam. It was more than that, so much more. The whole experience was eye-opening and it brought all my senses to life. The dream that I had since I was a little girl, the dream that never went away, was alive again. 

Local markets full of unique designs, scented pathways lined with kimonos in the streets of Hanoi. That was where Oh Kimono was born. 

My passion is to make women dream of something more and bring the elegance of Asia home to their wardrobes. Through my kimonos, I hope to inspire a sense of wanderlust and femininity that every woman should be proud to show.

I hope you join me on this journey.



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