Oh Kimono Guide. 4 Kimonos to Wear on The Christmas Day

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Fun fact: in our Oh Kimono Christmas shop, there are plenty of kimonos that are suitable for every moment of your day. Even more so now, when you’ve got spare time on your hands to do nothing but take care of yourself, your well-being, and your looks. And all of them can (still) be ordered for 20% less of their initial price (if you received our special discount code via e-mail). Therefore, it’s possible to spend your whole Christmas day flaunting your timeless, flowy Oh Kimono pieces around, getting people to watch you admiringly. Find out what the 4 kimonos we recommend you to wear on this Christmas day are. 

#1. Start your Christmas morning with Mbeya Loungewear Intense Green Kimono

#2. Wear your RONAMI Sakura Collar Kimono for lunch 

#3. Head out to the Christmas party wearing the Iki Kimono Maxi with Japanese style sleeves

#4. Spoil yourself wearing the Pink Kimono before bed

No matter which is the one you decide to go for, just know that they’re still waiting for you in our Oh Kimono Christmas shop. And just in case you’d like them to be red, you can also choose to check our The 5 Most Christmassy Kimonos to be Worn on Christmas Eve guide. Once you’re done e-shopping for your favorite timeless, flowy Oh Kimono pieces, don’t forget to send us a photo of you wearing your kimono this Christmas Eve on our Instagram account. Happy shopping & Merry Christmas!

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