The 5 Most Christmassy Kimonos to be Worn on Christmas Eve

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While everyone around us is looking for the most Christmassy outfits in their wardrobes to wear on Christmas Eve, we love to search for the most Christmassy kimonos to go for. Now, as we’re counting the hours left till Christmas, we’re also counting the time left till our loyal clients can benefit from our holiday sale of 20%. If you’re like us, wanting to make sure that you wear an exclusive, statement piece to make an appearance on Christmas Eve, then we bet you’d also rather place your order now and get it on time for Christmas.

Christmassy Kimono #1: Mbeya Loungewear Intense Red

We’ve already mentioned the Mbeya Loungewear Intense Red kimono in a previous article as being one of our most suitable kimonos to be given as a gift to your closest ones for Christmas. However, now we’re adding a twist to it. It’s also one of the best options for you to buy as a gift for yourself this holiday season as well because it’s (undoubtedly) a statement in your dressing room. 

Christmassy Kimono #2: Shima Kimono Zebra Print

Introducing Shima Kimono Zebra Print among our Christmas kimonos recommendations, it’s safe to say that we saved “the best for the last”. If you’re still wondering what it is that you could wear to make an appearance at your Christmas Eve party or get-together with friends and family, this piece is one that it’s impossible to go wrong with. It is a piece we fell in love with, because of our love for zebras, these beautiful, elegant animals that go across the savannas. 

Christmassy Kimono #3: SS21 Sym Kimono

Our SS21 Sym Kimono is a fun piece that you can wear with jeans, casual trousers, and more. It’s easy to get creative with it, being such a joyful kimono that promises to light up your Christmas Eve day (or night) this year even more than the lights you used to decorate your house do. As it’s inspired by Iki, one of Japan’s islands, this kimono feels like a fluid piece that flows in the wind of spring thanks to the new spring air.

Christmassy Kimono #4: Pink Iki Uni Long Kimono

This long sateen pink magenta kimono is made out of soft sateen, being perfect as homewear. Silky and elegant, you can wear it when the time comes for you to sit around the tree with your dear ones, opening presents and showing gratitude towards each other. Although we didn’t initially include it into our 5 Oh Kimono Pieces you can Gift to Dear Ones This Christmas guide, you can bet some of your closest ones would love to be surprised by such a classy gift this Christmas. 

Christmassy Kimono #5: RONAMI Red Traditional Romanian motifs with Japanese sleeves

For those of you who’d like to wear a piece that has an entire story to tell, there’s our RONAMI Red Traditional Romanian motifs with Japanese sleeves. If you choose to wear this one on Christmas Eve, then you’ll also have to tell those around you that you’re wearing the very first piece we crafted for our ‘21 autumn-winter collection, RONAMI. Being a statement piece of the first collection that fuses Japanese and Romanian motifs, this kimono is a mixture of sateen soft cotton (cotton & sateen fibers) and 100% cotton print with Romanian motifs.

No matter which is the one you decide to go for, just know that they’re still waiting for you in our Oh Kimono Christmas shop. And just in case red isn’t your go-to color, you can also choose to check our 8 Oh Kimono Pieces that Match the Winter Views & Social Activities guide. Once you’re done e-shopping for your favorite timeless, flowy Oh Kimono pieces, don’t forget to send us a photo of you wearing your kimono this Christmas Eve on our Instagram account. Happy shopping!

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