5 Oh Kimono Pieces you can Gift to Dear Ones This Christmas

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This week, we’ve announced that our Oh Kimono Christmas shop is open now for you to find the perfect gift this season. We’ve prepared a holiday sale of 20% off everything for you, your family and friends to enjoy. However, since there’s a huge amount of beautiful kimonos waiting for you on our website, we’ve decided to inspire you to choose the ones that are most suitable for this time of the year, as well as to make it easier for you to choose the perfect gift for your dear ones this Christmas. 

Oh Kimono piece #1: Mbeya Loungewear Intense Red

Thanks to its intense red color and flattering Japanese sleeves, the Mbeya Loungewear Intense Red makes the perfect Christmas gift for your dear ones. Not only is it made from a super soft satin that feels incredible on the skin, but it also floats beautifully whenever you move. Undoubtedly, this red kimono is a fashion statement in your own home.

Oh Kimono piece #2: RONAMI Red Traditional Romanian motifs with Japanese sleeves

Needing no introduction, our RONAMI Red Traditional Romanian motifs with Japanese sleeves is the very first piece we crafted for our ‘21 autumn-winter collection, RONAMI. As a statement piece of the first collection that fuses Japanese and Romanian motifs, this kimono is a mixture of sateen soft cotton (cotton & sateen fibers) and 100% cotton print with Romanian motifs. To make this gift extra special, add our Akai kimono belt to it, too. 

Oh Kimono piece #3: Amazon Kimono

Being one of our fastest selling RESORT Oh Berca Collection pieces, the Amazon Kimono makes us think about the intense red of the desert shades and aztec prints. It’s a kimono that can be worn in so many different ways, all meant to definitely make you or your dear ones feel special. Just like every other piece in this collection, the Amazon Kimono brings closer a bit of Asia, reinterpreted into a flowy movement, giving you something to daydream about during the cold, winter days.

Oh Kimono piece #4: Iki Kimono Maxi with Japanese style sleeves

Carefully crafted out of soft sateen and silk fibers, the Iki Kimono Maxi with Japanese style sleeves is one of our all time favorites. As part of our SS21 Iki Collection that was inspired by the Japanese island of Ik, ithis particular piece makes us think of a modern style kimono that floats into the spring air. Flowing beautifully in the wind of the spring that’s yet to come, this kimono anticipates the grace and the beauty that the holidays bring along.

Oh Kimono piece #5: Mbeya Loungewear Intense Black

Mbeya Loungewear Intense Black is a piece that can be both elegant, casual, or even worn as homewear, depending on your fashion needs. Made out of satin and veil only, this large flowy kimono can be paired with fluffy sandals, a bun and it's the easiest way to look elegant at home (especially during the holidays). It can also be worn as a dress during a New Year's Eve party if the person you’re gifting this to is celebrating at home.

Therefore, from our Mbeya Loungewear Collection to the SS21 Iki Collection, and from the RESORT Oh Berca spring-winter ‘21 collection to the precious autumn-winter ‘21 RONAMI collection, they’re all waiting for you on our website. We’re happy to declare that officially, the holiday season has begun. What will you buy for your loved one? Perhaps a unique limited edition kimono piece will do the trick. Go check out our Oh Kimono Christmas shop, make the most of our long-awaited 20% off holidays sales and get your closest ones the timeless, flowy kimono pieces they’ve been dreaming of wearing.

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