8 Oh Kimono Pieces that Match the Winter Views & Social Activities

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Contrary to the common belief, our Oh Kimono pieces aren’t made only for your exotic summer trips, memorable music festivals experiences, and beach days. They’re also a light, yet bold, comfortable, yet playful choice for the winter season as well. After all, that’s why timeless, flowy kimono pieces that perfectly match the winter views and the social activities of this time of the year can be found in all of our collections. Here are our 8 favorite kimonos that can be worn this holiday’s season.

Oh Kimono piece #1: RONAMI Blue Sakura Kimono

The RONAMI Blue Sakura Kimono is part of our autumn-winter ‘21 collection, RONAMI, and can be worn on a dinner night with friends and family. 

Oh Kimono piece #2: Daisuki Kimono

Daisuki Kimono is one of our most famous RESORT Oh Berca collection pieces – and it can be worn on holiday days spent inside the comfort of your beautifully decorated place.

Oh Kimono piece #3: Daisu Kimono

Super light, comfy and made out of thin cotton, Daisu Kimono, as part of the RESORT Oh Berca collection spring-summer ‘21, must be packed into your holiday trip luggage this December. 

Oh Kimono piece #4: SS20 Kirei Maxi Kimono

A satin and silk pink and baby blue maxi kimono, our SS20 Kirei Maxi Kimono is perfect to be worn on a cozy movie night in: it’ll make you feel pretty. 

Oh Kimono piece #5: SS21 Tora Kimono

When wondering what you should be wearing for your holiday's glam party, our SS21 Tora Kimono is the right answer thanks to the print that makes us think about Japan.

Oh Kimono piece #6: Pink Kimono

Perfect for the mornings when you want to live life at a slower pace, enjoying your breakfast in bed, our Pink Kimono is dedicated to women who love playful colors.

Oh Kimono piece #7: Mbeya Loungewear Intense Blue

Mbeya Loungewear Intense Blue is a super soft satin maxi kimono, made out of a light fabric; it can be worn while opening the gifts that can be found under the Christmas tree. 

Oh Kimono piece #8: RONAMI Sakura Long Kimono

Made out of 100% certified OEKO-TEX cotton, our RONAMI Sakura Long Kimono is a yukata kimono that can be worn either as homewear or for heading out at a restaurant.

Thus, our kimonos can be worn in a wide variety of ways; it all depends on your creativity and how you decide to style it. So, what’s the one winter-ish kimono you’ve been dreaming of wearing all along but haven’t gifted to yourself (yet)? Perhaps our holiday sales will do the trick this time. Go check out our Oh Kimono Christmas shop, make the most of our long-awaited 20% off holiday sales and get yourself the timeless, flowy kimono pieces you’ve been dreaming of wearing.

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